Claude-Henri Meledo

This Visual Business Intelligence consultant in an expert working in

Europe providing professional training, innovation and education in

the fields of information design and performance management.


Based on Jacques Bertin's works (semiology of graphics), Claude-
Henri has created BeGraphic, the new platform to provide the largest library of charts, graphics and diagrams in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint and Excel).





One of the best European expert in visual business intelligence!

20 years of experience in Performance Management, Information Design (data visualization and innovative dashboards) and multidimensionnal databases.

Claude-Henri Meledo has created innovative charts for large european firms and was the 2011 chief expert in "Finance graphics" at the Internationnal Institute for Information Design.(IIID is the world leader in information design development, recommended by UNESCO and Associate on the OECD)

Recognized expert in data visualization

  • Founder of the think tank "Visual decision"
    (guardianship INRIA - National Institute for Research
    in Computer Science)
  • co-organizer of Visual Decision Forum and Visual Decision think tank (NGO)
  • speaker in all major events on data visualization in France,
    including with Stephen Few (for his first conference in France)
  • ranked second in the competition "Dataviz election 
    2012" (data visualization) organizes by Google
  • recognized as one of the 2012 dataviz expert in the 
    main European scientific magazine