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Flickr, our new way to store ideas about data visualization

Monday, March 9th, 2009

We have a new way to show new data visualizations.


But the question is about what to say in “My profile” ? Here is my current answer

BeGraphic is a dynamic diagrams tool inside Excel (also usable through PowerPoint).

This data visualization solution dynamically links graphical objects (*) to live data (amounts, font, color… inside spreadsheet’s cells) shown inside Excel. So BeGraphic helps you to build your own infographics by transforming any shape(*) into a live graph.

* : any graphical representation such as

  1. business process shapes, glyphs, free forms (e.g.: all forms inside the “Drawing” toolbar inside Excel/PowerPoint)… and any vector images (primarily converted to EMF format – because this is the only vector format supported by Microsoft Office)
  2. and all images allowed inside Excel and PowerPoint (jpeg, gif… and all raster formats supported by Microsoft Office), including maps, cliparts, pictures, photos…

BeGraphic includes 11 Core functions (on each shape/ form) :

  1. Color & Pattern
    (Give to the shape the same color and pattern that the cell’s ones)
  2. Line / Border
    (Give to the shape the color and pattern from a cell’s border)
  3. Text
    (cell’s text plus its color and font)
  4. Name
    (renaming a shape)
  5. Scale
    (reducing/enlarging a shape based on a cell’s value)
  6. Transparency
    (percentage of transparency based on…)
  7. Rotation
    (rotate an object with a specific angle…)
  8. Order / Level
    (hide/ unhide shapes…)
  9. Layer
    (group of shapes that can be hidden, re-ordered…)
  10. Action
    (when roll-over mouse or on clickable shape)
  11. Magnetization
    (shapes following a leader shape)